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Who’s who at The Stepping Ahead Clinic

Continuing Professional Development is very important at the Stepping Ahead Clinic and we continuously undergo further training and development courses both in Ireland and the UK. All our Therapists have completed postgraduate training in sensory integration and use a sensory integration approach in their interventions were appropriate.

Furthermore, the Occupational Therapists have training in many postgraduate courses, including The Alert Program, Handwriting without Tears, Therapeutic Listening, Floor Time and Baby Sense. All therapists are members of the Association of Occupational Therapy Ireland and regularly participate in research projects and training of Occupational Therapy students from University College Cork, University of Limerick,  and international universities.

Our Team

Senior Occupational Therapist

Ann Dunne BScOT; MAOTI

Ann graduated with a degree in Health Promotion in 2009. She then went on to study Occupational Therapy in University of Limerick. Since graduating as an Occupational Therapist in 2012, Ann has worked solely with children and teenagers. Ann has a particular interest in Sensory Integration and the use of this approach in facilitating positive development for children. Ann has recently completed her module 1 post-graduate training in Sensory Integration and has been utilising this knowledge into her practice through implementation of programs such as the Alert Program and Zones of Regulation. Ann is passionate about delivering a quality service to children and their families, aiming to provide ongoing training and support to key individuals in the child’s life. Ann aims to implement evidence-based programs and interventions into her practice at all times and is committed to continuing her professional development.

Senior Occupational Therapist

Sarah Kennington

Since graduating from the University of Queensland in 2003, Sarah has specialised in the area of Paediatrics. Commencing her career at the Cerebral Palsy League in Brisbane, she supported children from birth to 18 years of age. She developed skills in the areas of developmental assessment, assistive and alternative communication, specialised seating and positioning and developed a strong interest in upper limb hypertonicity management.
Sarah moved to Ireland in 2006 and took up the position of Senior Occupational Therapist within the Early Intervention Team. Sarah became an integral part of the development and implementation of Early Intervention services in Dublin South West. She was involved in collaborative work within preschools, schools and assisted in developing a joint initiative with Barnardos Special Needs service. During her time on the Early Intervention Team, Sarah continued to develop her skills in assessment
and gained vast experience in the treatment of children with global developmental delay, Autism, Dyspraxia and DCD.
She has a strong interest in supporting children with severe sensory processing difficulties. She also has a keen awareness of the importance of multidisciplinary working and enjoys group working with children.

Occupational Therapist

Alice Crowley BScOT; MAOTI

Senior Speech & Language Therapist

Caroline Riordan

Since graduating from the University of Manchester in 1999 Caroline has worked as a Speech & Language Therapist in health services both in the UK and Ireland. She has many years experience of working with children and adults with intellectual disabilities and complex communication needs, as well as children with autistic spectrum disorders, speech and language delay / disorders and stammering difficulties. Caroline has a special interest in the area of high-tech AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) for people with complex communication needs and can provide assessment, intervention and  training in this area. Caroline is hugely passionate about the difference technology can make to the lives of individuals with complex disabilities and has seen many times the improvements to someone’s quality of life when technology allows them to communicate with their family and friends.
Throughout her career Caroline has regularly worked with multi-disciplinary teams and with schools and strongly believes that any therapy input should be provided as part of a team working together with the person’s family, school / care service and other professionals in order to deliver the best outcomes possible for the person.


Miriam McAuliffe, BSc. Applied Social Studies, IACP

Miriam is an accredited counsellor with over ten years of professional experience and practice. She is dedicated to working with and supporting children and their families. She is committed to helping children and parents manage and overcome life’s challenges. Miriam also offers specific life skills to children and adolescents with social skill challenges, developing self esteem and anger management. Miriam is also an accredited facilitator of the Parents Plus Programme and runs these both at the clinic or schools or services in the community when requested.

Art Therapist 

Róisín Kenny. MA (Hons) Art Therapy. IACAT. RYT200

Róisín is an IACAT accredited Art Therapist and graduate of CIT’s Art Therapy MA programme. Róisín is also a children’s yoga teacher and mindfulness facilitator with many years’ experience working with children and adolescents promoting mental and physical health and wellbeing. Her Art Therapy sessions are trauma-sensitive with a focus on self-regulation techniques. She specialises in supporting children’s mental health as well as their social and emotional development as they navigate upheavals or life challenges.

Art Therapy benefits children and teens alike by providing them with a space to safely express stress, worry or underlying anxieties or fears. This can have a positive impact on self-esteem, behaviour, relationships and mental health. Art Therapy works with both verbal and non-verbal clients. Roisín is available to meet with both you and your child together for an assessment, during which you can discuss specific needs and how Art Therapy may play a beneficial role in meeting these.

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