Occupational Therapy Services

We offer a range of professional services – all in one purpose built clinic. You and your child can avail of the following:

Speech therapy cork

Speech and Language Therapy

Stepping Ahead provides paediatric speech and language therapy. Our qualified therapists can provide assessment and therapeutic intervention to children from a young as 18 months of age. Does your child present with any of the following? Difficulty stringing sentences together Difficulty following directions Easily distracted/ short attention span Problems with reading/spelling Finds it hard to […]

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Occupational Therapy Screening

If you are unsure whether your child needs a full Occupational Therapy assessment, you also have the option of an Occupational Therapy Screening. This is a one hour screening where your child is assessed using standardised assessments where appropriate and with verbal feedback also provided within this time. If your Occupational therapist has definite concerns, you […]

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Occupational Therapy Assessment

Initial enquiries regarding an Occupational Therapy Assessment can be made by phone or email. At this time, your contact details will be taken and you will be sent a Parent and Teacher Questionnaire. When you have returned the completed questionnaires to us, including any previous assessments reports, the clinic manager will review your file to ensure your […]

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Occupational Therapy Intervention

Occupational Therapy Intervention Therapeutic intervention for children is designed around your child’s individual needs. Identification of needs may have been the outcome of an occupational therapy assessment, or screening, or as a result of concerns raised by you the parents, the school principal, class teacher or by other professionals working with your child. Concerns are […]

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Group Therapy

Group therapy is acknowledged as an excellent way to provide therapeutic intervention. In this way the therapist can view the child in a social setting with children of their own age.  At Stepping Ahead we aim to provide a range of groups that suit kids of all ages with various developmental needs. Children & adolescents […]

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Parenting & Family Support Services

Parenting & Family Support Services Supporting families and strengthening relationships during difficult times so you can confront challenges together. Couples counselling Parenting courses Individual parenting sessions Family sessions Individual family plans are made together to suit the specific needs of each family.   [pubble][/pubble] Share this

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Fitness & Social Classes

Kidzercise Kidzercise is specifically designed Paediatric Fitness Training. It was purposefully created by our Fitness Instructor in consultation with Paediatric Occupational Therapists at this clinic. With extensive experience working with children and teenagers with special needs, the aim of Kidzercise is to develop a child ‘s strength, fitness, core muscle tone, posture and training in […]

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Child Counselling

Throughout our lives we are faced with many challenges, some more difficult than others and at times we simply need to ask for help. Through counselling and therapeutic support, the Stepping Ahead Clinic can help you, your child and your family to find better ways of coping and handling the challenges you currently face. You […]

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Protected: Art Therapy/ Currently not available

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