Child Counselling

Child counselling

Throughout our lives we are faced with many challenges, some more difficult than others and at times we simply need to ask for help. Through counselling and therapeutic support, the Stepping Ahead Clinic can help you, your child and your family to find better ways of coping and handling the challenges you currently face.

You can expect a non-judgemental and confidential listening space where we can explore both practical and emotional issues together.

Counselling Services

Available to: Teenagers 16+ & adults / parents

  • Are you finding life a struggle?
  • Are there changes you want to make in your life but do not know where to start?

If yes, then counselling may help you find the answers.

  • Professional confidential listening
  • Respect & understanding
  • Emotional support

Therapeutic Support Services

Available to children & young people aged 6+

  • Support for children & young people, to cope with the challenges they face in life
  • Assertiveness and confidence
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Social skills & communication skills
  • Emotional distress, Anger
  • Independence
  • Adapting to change
  • Peers and friendships
  • Self image
  • Isolation & withdrawal

And many more challenges.


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