Handwriting Group

We are delighted to announce the dates for our ‘Handwriting Group’ which is due to commence here at the Stepping Ahead Clinic on Thursday the 5th of October. The group will be facilitated by Ann Dunne and Aisling Deasy, Occupational Therapists.

Handwriting Poster 2017 pdf

The group will focus on developing the following areas:

  • Cursive Letter Formations.
  • Developing a functional pencil grasp.
  • Visual Perceptual and Visual Motor Skills.
  • Hand Strength and Finger Dexterity.
  • Core Strength and Posture.

The group will run for 6 weeks and it will be for children in 2nd to 4th class. The group will run weekly from 16:00pm- 17:00pm.  

If you are interested in handwriting development for your child please contact us at the Stepping Ahead Clinic on 021 4304822 or e-mail: info@steppingaheadclinic.com.


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