Art Therapy


Roisín Kenny has recently joined the Stepping Ahead team.

Róisín is an IACAT accredited Art Therapist and graduate of CIT’s Art Therapy MA programme. Róisín is also a children’s yoga teacher and mindfulness facilitator with many years’ experience working with children and adolescents promoting mental and physical health and wellbeing. Her Art Therapy sessions are trauma-sensitive with a focus on self-regulation techniques. She specialises in supporting children’s mental health as well as their social and emotional development as they navigate upheavals or life challenges.

Art Therapy benefits children and teens alike by providing them with a space to safely express stress, worry or underlying anxieties or fears. This can have a positive impact on self-esteem, behaviour, relationships and mental health. Art Therapy works with both verbal and non-verbal clients. Roisín is available to meet with both you and your child together for an assessment, during which you can discuss specific needs and how Art Therapy may play a beneficial role in meeting these.

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